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So you've heard people say that a free email course is an awesome way to grow your email list. Or that a low-price email course can earn you some sweet passive income. And you're all, "Now how can I make an epic one?" 


Well, my infopreneur/blogger friend, this 3-day bootcamp will help you create a high-value email course.
And you'll learn ways to create your course without spending anything on fancy software or graphics.

All you need to invest is your time--I'll show you the epic, scrappy, ninja ways to create beautiful email courses,
as well as places where you can invest your money if you wish.

The Ultimate + Epic Email Course Boot Camp
Starting now!

Coming to a computer near you, today. Literally.
You'll do this whole boot camp on the nearest computer because it's all worksheets and video training, my friend.

So, what will we be doing and learning in Email Course Bootcamp?

Epic question, superstar. We will have sections and worksheets on:

  • Planning an Awesome Email Course
  • Picking Your Platform
  • Creating Your Email Course Outline and Timeline
  • Naming Your Email Course
  • Planning Each Email
  • Creating Engaging Emails
  • Title Tips that Get Your Emails Opened
  • Deciding on Extra Elements Such as Videos and Worksheets
  • Designing Beautiful Emails
  • Creating an Email Style Guide
  • Creating Your Email Course Landing Page
  • Setting Up Your Email Course in MailChimp
  • Setting Up Your Email Course in ConvertKit
  • Setting Up Your Email Course Using Free Automation Software
  • Ways to Promote Your Email Course
  • And more!


You can see why it's a 3-day extravaganza, yes? Are you curious about how to get signed up? And what you can expect?

I've got simple answers for that. Expect it to be epic. Sign up below. You'll be added to my weekly Ninja Notes (which will give you access to other cool events like this as well as freebies and actionable tips to help you grow your business).

But also, you can expect an email with the agenda, worksheets, links to video trainings, and homework assignments as soon as you sign up below.


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